Introducing the Dell Latitude E5430

It seems that these days the fashion in computing leads to tablet PC’s and Ultrabooks with thin and light characteristics. The Dell Latitude E5430 ignores these aspects and maintains the traditional look and feel.

The problem with having a laptop that is ultra thin and light is it means you have to forego other aspects such as ruggedness, features and cost.

The Dell Latitude E5430 weights 4.5 pounds which makes it very much on the heavier side for notebooks.  The notebook shell is black and has silver lining around it and has Dell’s TriMetal.

The screen is 14 inches in size and has a anodized aluminium backing with a magnesium alloy frame. The hinges are made from zinc alloy and all these materials make the device feel very rugged and sturdy.

The device has a reasonable price starting at $529 and is even cheaper with a Dell Coupon. The base model has an Intel Core i3 processor and 2GB of RAM.