The Iconic launches it’s own magazine

The Iconic has been mentioned frequently as one of the major success stories of modern internet shopping. They have one of the best customer shopping experiences of any online fashion retailer and this experience has helped drive the company up in popularity astronomically as well as seen them achieve huge growth every month.

The Iconic has now launched a new physical magazine to complement their online offerings. The magazine is intended to help drive sales online by featuring fashion relevant articles and reviews targeted towards men. The new magazine will be produced in conjunction with Pacific+.

This new men’s magazine will come after the release of the woman’s version late last year. The woman’s magazine is a bi-annual magazine and has been successful in showing customers new fashion styles and fashion related articles. The magazine will also have a The Iconic discount code for customers to use online (see other discount codes here).

The magazines will be distributed to The Iconic customers and will also be available at various venues around the capital cities.