Internet causing trends to go the way of the dodo

It seems that with the global economy and the current state of internet retailing, trends are starting to disappear.

In the past, there used to be a piece of fashion which had a big impact on that years style and was a must have item for  your wardrobe. Such examples include skinny jeans, male cardigans, etc. This single piece of clothing dominated that particular seasons fashion and many different designer brands would be pushing the same style of product.

Online shopping has changed all this and it has become the norm that people have access to all the fashion that is being released world wide as soon as it’s released. Online stores usually have big warehouses where they are not restricted to the amount of inventory they can hold meaning they can hold all available styles for this seasons, last season, winter through to summer.

Online stores such as StrawberryNet give you access to all the latest cosmetics as soon as you hear about it. You can also get better deals with a StrawberryNet coupon than you get when you purchase in store.

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